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Welcome to F.I.T. Yoga 

We are moving!  We will be closed August 28th - September 10th.  We will open under a new name as we reopen under the name of F.I.T. Yoga.  Come to our open house at 9101 N. Thornydale from 12 - 2 Sunday, September 11th.  We'll start classes Monday, September 12th.  See you then!

Practicing yoga at F.I.T. Yoga is about beginning where you are and moving forward, consistently and surely, on your journey to better health, both physically and mentally. Our students come to us for a variety of reasons. Some physical: increase flexibility, weight loss, improve their cardiovascular system, increase muscle tone and improve balance. Others find peace in allowing their practice to be a moving meditation where all thoughts and worries are put aside and the sound of their breath drowns out the incessant chatter of the "little voice" inside their heads. Many benefit in both mind and body.

The F.I.T. Yoga community is very diverse. We have yogis as young as 9 and as old "as the hills"! We have thin and overweight yogis. We have bendy and not so bendy yogis. We have athletes and self proclaimed couch potatoes. What we have is a community of really fantastic people on their own individual journeys who are having fun and gaining health benefits together one breath, one step, one class at a time. 

Yoga is for everyone on an individual journey with no ending point. Are you ready to begin your journey? Let us help you begin or continue your journey towards improved health, both physically and mentally. We will show you how to move forward from where you are! Sign up or drop in and take a class today!

Serving Marana, Dove Mountain, Oro Valley and Northwest Tucson